Spin and Life

Unexpected life lessons from spin class

German Sparkle Party – Put on a Costume and Dance!

You might be wondering how a German Sparkle Party is connected to spin class. First, you should know that I love spin because it’s a workout dance party with strobe lights. A few weeks ago, I was accompanied by another friend from... Continue Reading →

Girls Gotta Eat – Restaurant Recs

Of my food adventures with Marisa and Jo, my top five choices.  Lee Restaurant. We saw Drake – true story. The Oxley. Jason Priestley was dining and taking selfies at a table nearby – also true story. Bac Ky Vietnamese... Continue Reading →

Lesson #5: Be more like Marisa – enjoy what’s in front of you

My dear friend Marisa has been my spin partner since the outset. She spurred my interest in the class, and after each workout we spend an hour or more hanging out over dinner. I love her approach to life –... Continue Reading →

Comfort food still has its place in a balanced world

This blog began as part of a class assignment and it turned into something quite meaningful for me. I’ve enjoyed writing about spin class and probing my thoughts to surface life lessons. In my profile, I introduce myself as having... Continue Reading →

Lesson #4: One must make time for spin and other rewarding, non-essentials!

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know I’m a fan of spin. It is in part the class itself – the music, the dark room with strobe lights, and an electrifying instructor. My fondness is also in big part... Continue Reading →

Spin and the Yucatan

Spin classes, much like vacations, help me decompress. It puts me in a playful space – a little like my silly voice in this video. This video was taken on a beach in Tulum. When on that spectacular beach, I... Continue Reading →

Nostalgic for the Yucatan

I’m shifting gears on my spin blog for a few posts. In writing my last two posts, I felt a strong nostalgia for a recent vacation – two weeks driving through the Yucatan. Cancun is certainly the most sought-after destination in the... Continue Reading →

Lesson #3: In Spin and Life, Keep Your Head Up

“It depresses me when I see your head down.” I'm quoting one of Micheline's mantras in spin class. She really doesn't like to see you with your head down. And she'll remind you repeatedly. It is tempting when pushing hard at the... Continue Reading →

Lesson #2: We must submit to things we cannot explain

Micheline, our formidable instructor, is most certainly part of the magic of this class. Her voice resonates with authority, her personality is larger than life, and her presence has dual tones - commanding yet warm. She is bold, self-assured, doing... Continue Reading →

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