“It depresses me when I see your head down.”

I’m quoting one of Micheline’s mantras in spin class. She really doesn’t like to see you with your head down. And she’ll remind you repeatedly. It is tempting when pushing hard at the highest tension to put your head down and power through. But according to M, a cyclist does not ride with her head down. Micheline gets us to focus on our posture – shoulders down, back straight and most importantly, head up. One must always keep her head up – and look at the road ahead, even when the hills are hard and we have to push like hell. Thank you for the wisdom Micheline.

Lesson #3: In Spin and Life, one must keep her head up, even when things get hard.

I’d add to this – when things get hard, one must also escape routine and castaway on an adventure. I did just that six months ago. Accompanied by one of my dearest friends, I set off on a two-week road trip to the Yucatan. Writing my last two posts has made me think of this trip. I haven’t put my finger on why, but I’d like to explore it a bit. And so, I’m dedicating my next few posts in service of that exploration.

It was a remarkable trip in which I learned how much I needed to still my mind, particularly at that time. A significant part of the trip was spent vegetating, meditating, relinquishing to the sun and surf (board omitted).