Micheline, our formidable instructor, is most certainly part of the magic of this class. Her voice resonates with authority, her personality is larger than life, and her presence has dual tones – commanding yet warm. She is bold, self-assured, doing what she loves, and has power to shape emotions.

In the hours leading up to class, I feel exhausted. I’ve put in a full day. I’ve given my best to work and all that this entails. My spin companion – the hilarious, charming and unflappable Marisa – echoes the same. Plus after work; she heads home, feeds her two-year old, puts him to bed, and gets in the car to come to class. We arrive unsure of what we’ll submit of our efforts. Will we be satisfactory, will we be good, or will we be the best versions of ourselves?

For me, part of the outcome lies in what Micheline brings. In 45 minutes with her at the helm, the exhaustion expels from my pores. My muscles remember what they are capable of and my heart becomes a bass drum. My body is amped with energy. And my brain, fancying itself an economist, seeks a rationale that explains a supply and demand conundrum. How could a body lacking energy, gain voltage after a period of extreme exertion? And then my sassy subconscious scoffs, ‘You think life can only be explained through a mix of economics and thermodynamic mumbo jumbo? I pity you!’ Life is more than what science can explain, it is a complex interconnection of mind over matter. And most of the time, our feeble explanations only expose our unimaginative questions.

Lesson #2: In Spin and in Life, we must submit to things we cannot explain.