I’m shifting gears on my spin blog for a few posts. In writing my last two posts, I felt a strong nostalgia for a recent vacation – two weeks driving through the Yucatan.

Cancun is certainly the most sought-after destination in the peninsula, but my travel buddy and I only availed ourselves of its airport. We opted to spend our time on the quaint island of Isla Mujeres, a bohemian town called Tulum, in two interior cities of Valladolid and Merida, and in numerous Mayan ruins that tell the story of the Yucatan’s indigenous people.

The trip in a few stills:

  1. The beaches were extraordinary. Our first night in Tulum. It thunder stormed minutes after this photo was taken. About one kilometer from our car, we ran along the beach. We weren’t racing to a dry spot, we just wanted to run in the rain.


  1. Skeleton motifs were everywhere. This one was far and away my favourite. Why? Just look at it. It’s a gleeful skeleton! It upends most people’s conception of macabre.


  1. The courtyard of a church in the interior city of Valladolid brought me great piece of mind. The texture and colouring of the walls transplanted me back in time. It was majestic.


  1. The streets of Valladolid. The sky was painted exquisitely to enrich the colourful remnants of colonial architecture.


  1. Mayan ruins in the city of Tulum.


  1. The Ek Balam ruins. Permissible to climb. I’m in the pink dress. The steps were terribly tall and the wind quite strong – the only safe way down was sideways.


  1. A hipster bar in Merida. On our first night in the capital of the Yucatan, we happened upon this bar. We ate good food. We met two delightful college students. We spent more than 5 hours sampling Mezcal.


  1. A museum in Merida. The perimeter of the room was lined with murals depicting the history of the Yucatan. I was surprised by the uncensored telling of the merciless colonial conquest.


  1. Ceviche. Tortillas. Salsa. Soupa de lima.


  1. And, a grocery store treasure trove.