Spin classes, much like vacations, help me decompress. It puts me in a playful space – a little like my silly voice in this video.

This video was taken on a beach in Tulum. When on that spectacular beach, I was transfixed on my surroundings, taking in the waves, the sky, the sand. Even as I write, I’m remebering what I felt on that beach – completely overtaken in the moment and absent of any other thought or worry.

I’ve probably mentioned somewhere in my blog posts that I started a new job several months ago. It has given me the opportunity to do so many amazing new things. I’ve been in intense learning mode for the last seven months. Unlike learning in school, which often entails taking on new information, learning on the job often entails unlearning old practices and mindsets. As a result, the on-the-job learning takes more introspection and deliberate noticing of unconscious practices.

Being new in a role, and in my case, new in a role as well as new to an industry and a trade, has required a lot of learning and focus. In fact, in some ways I’m a bit obsessive about it:). Lots of us reflect on our work, thinking through the day – ruminating over what’s been said, done and all the things that are yet to be done. It can be a bit much, an unhealthy habit even – ruminating, analyzing, questioning, doubting, worrying…and it’s very hard to break such habits. In my opinion, it’s easier to adopt a new, healthy one instead.

Spin has become my healthy habit. Taking a set amount of time to focus solely on peddling. Forty-five minutes of an intense workout has a positive and amplifying effect that lasts for days.

So when I’m in need of a little Yucatan magic to clear my head, I spin.