You might be wondering how a German Sparkle Party is connected to spin class. First, you should know that I love spin because it’s a workout dance party with strobe lights.

A few weeks ago, I was accompanied by another friend from work, interested in finding out how much of my spin hype was real. All in all, I think she enjoyed the class, and I suspect was most impressed by the instructor. Micheline – owner of Quad Spin on King West – is pretty amazing. She doesn’t just sit on the bike and give instructions; she unleashes her dance moves, electrifying you with her energy. After class, we struk a conversation with M, complementing her on her moves. She told us that she loved to dance and was even in a music video, costumes and all. Music video! Costumes! I immediately elevated her from amazing to spectacular! The only thing cooler than a person who likes to dance, is a person who does it in costume!

If this sounds like you, YOU MUST CHECK OUT the GERMAN SPARKLE PARTY. Now, I’m a hip hop dancer myself, but this EDM party is an exception. Imagine 1000+ adults of all ages dressed in the wackiest costumes, wigs and makeup. It’s a warehouse full of lawyers, doctors, waiters, writers, EAs, et cetera – all there to rebuke conformity, normalcy and judgment.

I’ve only been once – would have loved to go this year – and am already planning my costume for 2017. Will see you there!