Of my food adventures with Marisa and Jo, my top five choices. 

  1. Lee Restaurant. We saw Drake – true story. http://www.susur.com/lee/
  1. The Oxley. Jason Priestley was dining and taking selfies at a table nearby – also true story. http://theoxley.com/
  1. Bac Ky Vietnamese Canteen. The House Special Slaw is a masterpiece. And at $6 it’s unforgettable. http://www.backy.ca/
  1. Masseria. The website is pretentious, but the pizza is great. http://www.masseria.ca/
  1. Rose and Sons. I love their patty melt burger. There isn’t a better burger in the city – period http://www.roseandsons.ca

We already have our sights on our next destination – Antler.

My predictions:

  1. We’ll all want to try the Charcoal Grilled Yakitori and the Wild Boar Gyoza.
  2. We’ll like the Yakitori, and be underwhelmed by the Gyoza.
  3. We will not get the pasta option.
  4. We’ll share the Bison Rib Eye, Spice Ash Crusted Rack of Deer, and we’ll debate but probably not get a third main to share.
  5. For the possible third, I predict the Game Burger. Although, I might lobby for getting another starter throwing out two options – the Jamaican Venison Patty or the Wild Mushroom Tarte Tatin. I bet the Venison Patty would be da bomb!