I’m mildly anxious, have a very loud laugh, and am pretty convinced I’m on my ninth life.

On living with mild anxiety

In the last two years I’ve become more aware of my self-awareness. This mostly means I have something on my mind all the time. Usually that something is a playback of my interactions with people or an anticipated exchange – pleasant or otherwise. This soundtrack can be extremely helpful. It aids my work immensely – I’m “on-the-ball” as they say. It can also feel like living with a pebble in your shoe. It’s a little annoying, sometimes it goes totally unnoticed, and then in quiet moments, it returns.

On having a loud laugh

My brother says it’s contagious. My roommate in university would say the same. It’s actually my favourite thing about myself – my signature laugh. While I know others can hear it, I can also feel it. It’s a sensational experience being completely out of control in a fit of laughter. I hope you have countless of these sensations in your lifetime.

On the ninth life business

A friend invited me to join her for a psychic reading – a real reading, by a professional psychic. Her name was Sue. When I met Psychic Sue she was dressed comfortably, like most of us who wear our workout gear on the weekend. Form-fitting, black with pink stripes, and unpretentious. This was not going to be a Wizard of Oz extravaganza. She moved rather quickly at first, asked me several questions, including my age – 32 – took a few notes, studied my face, and within 15 minutes arrived at, “I think you`re on your last life.“ She was careful to couch this with lots of positivity and encouraged me to embrace it with optimism. She also told me that I had been a female monk in a past life. She got the sense it was a life I really enjoyed. Honestly, that totally feels like something I`d be into. Two weeks after Psychic Sue, I was at the Ex with my bestie, the roommate from uni referenced earlier, and we decided to blow our last $30 on a reading. She went first. Got good advice about upcoming events and a palm reading that signaled a long healthy life. Amen! My turn came. And unbelievable, she too told me that I was on my ninth and highest life. Two psychics in two weeks, that’s as close to scientific evidence as one can get on these matters. So here I am writing my first blog, living my last life:0).


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