Paint new bright day
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Surrounded by news that is disturbing and maddening, there seems to be a growing number of people who are asserting their own positive stories into the universe.

I think this blog might qualify as an assertion of sorts. I could also be full of myself, I don’t know. I’m sure when I read this years from now, I’ll think myself a fool. Whatever, I’m still young and I am happy to have this mark my optimistic youth.

This blog didn’t start off as a tool of self-assertion. It evolved from a simple class assignment to a fun writing activity, where I could playfully connect my experiences with words. In doing so, I had to reflect on what I felt and write something that would entertain others. While the audience is very important, the process has become rather personal. In unpacking experiences, I’ve unlocked something quite surprising.

The experience – a weekly spin class. The surprise – life lessons gleaned.

As the name suggests, Spin and Life is a blog about the unexpectedly life lessons I’ve learned from spin class. But don’t take it too seriously. I just hope it provides entertainment, humour, and some optimism when you may need such things.